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publicado el 22/09/2022

A plaque will be unveiled in tribute to Dr. Sergio Antonio Rabell Hernández at the Calixto García hospital.

By: Dr. José Ángel Portal Miranda

Half a century of history, merits and services treasures the Multipurpose Intensive Care Unit of the General Calixto García Clinical Surgical University Hospital, from which these services began in Cuban medical institutions, at the initiative of the Commander in Chief.

As part of the day to commemorate this transcendental event of Cuban revolutionary medicine, this Wednesday a plaque was unveiled in that distinguished center of the country, in homage to Doctor and Professor, Sergio Antonio Rabell Hernández, initiator of intensive care in Cuba.

It has been 50 years in which this Intensive Care Unit has carried out multiple assistance, teaching and research missions, which have provided and continue to provide current and future professionals in the sector with a means to carry out their work and learning.

Here the seed of what would later become intensive care in Cuba was born and germinated; Generations of intensivists have been trained here who, with professionalism, tirelessly dedicate all their knowledge to the praiseworthy effort of saving lives.

The event was attended by the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Dr. José Ángel Portal Miranda, Minister of Public Health, and Dr. Sergio Rabel Piera, son of the eminent doctor, and other relatives.

The polyvalent intensive care medical unit was established on September 25, 1972 at the idea of ​​Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

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