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publicado el 14/09/2021

AICA Laboratories, the Centro de Inmunoensayo) Immunoassay Center and the Centro de Neurociencias of Cuba) Neurosciences Center of Cuba are granted the status of High Technology Enterprise

The Comité Ejecutivo del Consejo de Ministros (the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers) approved, through the Gazeta oficial No.101 Ordinaria de 2021, the granting of the category of High Technology Enterprise to three institutions of the Grupo de Industrias Biotecnológicas y Farmaceuticas(Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries Group), BiocubaFarma.

These are the AICA Laboratories, the Centro de Inmunoensayo) Immunoassay Center and the Centro de Neurociencias de Cuba (Center of Neurosciences of Cuba), scientific center that will hold this designation for three years, at the end of which it will be renewed if the companies prove that they still maintain the requirements and indicators for which it was granted this status.

What will distinguish our High Technology Companies?

During this period, the Ministerio de Ciencias, Tecnologia y Medio Ambiente (Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Environment) must keep permanent control and evaluation of the categorized companies.

Until April of this year, Cuba had four High Tech companies, characterized by the intensive research, development and innovation activities, as well as high technological standards.

In a Mesa Redonda broadcast, it was specified that the first companies to obtain this status were the Centro Nacional de Bio-preparados (National Center of Biopreparations), a scientific-industrial complex that provides an outlet for more than 30 biotechnology products, and the Centro de Ingeniería Genética y Biotecnología, where 25% of sales correspond to export products.

The Centro de Inmunología Molecular, with 42 objects of invention and more than 800 scientific articles and the Empresa de Tecnología de la Información y Servicios Telemáticos that works on innovation projects, some of them related to electronic commerce, IP telephony, IoT and digital signage, distance education, software projects for administration and science and the development of applications for emerging Cuban technologies, among others, have this classification.

Decree 2 on High Tech Enterprises, dated on January 10th, 2020, established the definition of the category of High Tech Enterprises was well as their organization and operation.

The document states that their main principles are that they operate the compete cycle of research, development, innovation, production and commercialization of products and services of high added value that are internationally classified as High Technology, they close their economic cycle both in the domestic and the foreign market, with emphasis on the latter. They base their operations on innovate products or technology, with a high component of intangible assets, including knowledge duly protected by intellectual property, the use of high quality standards and the obtainment of international and national certifications. They also develop business models in pre-commercial stages that allow financing the development and registration of these products abroad, allocate an important part of their income to scientific and technological research, innovation and high quality standards, have high labor productivity, sustainable over time, employ a highly qualified workforce, work through alliances and collaboration networks in which national and foreign third parties and international organizations participate, establish business models with lower costs and higher commercial margins based on a broad reuse of the knowledge created and have certified accounting.


AICA Laboratories Company. Producer of medicines with a product portfolio that includes 170 medicines in the following pharmaceutical forms: injectable, liquid in ampules, liquid injectable and lyophilized in vials, CARPULES and EYE DROPS. It supports its production in four production facilities: AICA, LLORAD, JULIO TRIGO and CITOX with 11production lines and a line dedicated to drug research/development. It articulates its international mission from the will to deliver health and quality of life, producing generic injectable medicines and sterile eye drops, with responsibility, excellence and sustainability, which contributes to consolidate an image of trust in the market and society. (Source: official website)

Center of Neurosciences of Cuba. It is a Cuban research and development institution dedicated to translational research in Neurosciences, Neuro-technologies and other medical technologies ranging from basic research to the development, production and commercialization of technologies. The entity conducts research on a wide range of topics including cognitive neuroscience, neuro-informatics, functional neuro-imaging, bioelectrical signal analysis, mathematical modeling, neuro-chemical research, molecular genetics and 3D printing for medical devices. (source: official website)

Immunoassay Center.  Biotechnology Company whose mission is to research, develop and produce strategies, technologies and products that allow the research, economically and scientifically sustainable of metabolic diseases, transmissible and non-transmissible, with a full cycle. It is a Cuban biotechnology industry with more than 30 years of experience, with professional staff of the most advanced scientific level and high level technological and automatized facilities for the development and production of SUMA technology. Laboratories, automated workshops and production plants, equipped with high productivity equipment that allow to offer the market very innovative and high quality SUMA products in immunoassay techniques. SUMA technology equipment and UMELISA reagents are the result of the right combination of scientific development and the high level of advanced technologies. (source: official website)

Download here: Gazeta oficial No.101 Ordinaria de 2021

Source: Granma

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