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publicado el 22/09/2022

Universities of Havana and Shanghai agree to create an international exchange center.

The universities of Havana and Shanghai for Science and Technology agreed to create an international exchange center in each of their respective facilities.

According to the Cuban News Agency, each of these centers, both in Havana and in that city of the People's Republic of China, will develop research projects in biomedicine, informatics and other specialties.

The Doctor of Science Dionisio Zaldívar Silva, first vice-chancellor of the UH, in statements to this medium, explained that the decision to constitute them corresponds to an agreement signed by the highest authorities of their corresponding houses of higher education.

With this latest agreement, 32 have been signed with similar science and technology institutions in other countries, and only so far this year there have been 15 signed with Cuban national institutions, according to the same source.

The University of Havana undertook an extensive program of commemorative activities with a view to celebrating its 295th anniversary on January 5, 2023, and international actions are included in its agenda.

In total, it has 36 careers and seven programs in its daytime, evening and meeting courses, and in 2023 it will inaugurate the Bachelor of Data Science, which combines skills from the following disciplinary areas: Mathematics and statistics, Computer and social sciences.

Shanghai University for Science and Technology emerged in 1907 as the Tongji German Medical School, merged with the Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering in 1972, and acquired the current status and title in 1979.

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