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publicado el 11/03/2021

The Citizen´s Portal, a platform by, and for Havana People

The computerization policy of society guided by the country´s  top leadership  in the person of President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz- Canel Bermúdez, is aimed to provide services and information to citizens, increase efficacy and efficiency of public management  and processes,  as well as to enhance the participation of citizens.

Under these principles the Governor of Havana puts forwards a new vision of  the  Citizen´s  Portal, a  new  way to be connected to the people in order to ensure the development of online proceedings and services, as well as simultaneous interaction of users with public officials.

This is an initiative which will impact on direct benefits for those who decide to use the virtual space of Havana,  as it will provide personalized attention through notifications, information to registered users via electronic mail, short messages( sms) and electronic journals;  as well as  filling  out forms or templates online for services and proceedings provided by organizations and subordinate entities, among other facilities.

 Hereinafter, the Portal will be the site where the citizenship will have the possibility to suggest, criticize, explain and propose how the capital city processes must resemble its people, with a creative  look to the future where content provided in cyberspace also  supports the Revolution.

This scenario, aside from offering facilities in governmental proceedings for Havana People, seeks to position as  a resource to defend the patriotic principles against those who intend to dishonor the effort of a whole country,  which for more than six decades,  has faced a bloody economic  and financial blockade, which hinders full development of the information and communications technology.

Let us join forces and together we will continue creating and moving  forward to continue doing things for Havana the greatest; this time from this digital resource in which we shall also be Victorious.  

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2 comments inserted

Ela Vázquez Alfinso dijo:

Fui asidua al sitio anterior cuando comenzaron por el 500 de La Habana, me sorprendió este muy mejorado Felicidades No veo el enlace desde este sitio a los Municipios. Veo las noticias actualizadas, espero sean dinámica las respuestas de la Sección Atención a la Población

01/07/2021 05:55 pm / RESPONDER

Berni dijo:

Buenas me gustaría que tipo de estrategia logística se piensa implementar para amenizar el problema de las colas dado el aumento de los contagios en La Habana.

07/07/2021 09:11 pm / RESPONDER